Android App Developer | Beirut

On demand
Posted on April 19, 2019 - 6 months ago - Beirut
On demand

Android App Developer | Beirut

General Description
We are on the lookout for a qualified and sharp “Android App Developer” who bags at least 3-5 years of experience in the corresponding prerequisite; The selected candidate must comprise a thorough aptitude in software and application development, willingness to collaborate with his/her different IT members of staff, and the drive to corroborate vigilance across analytical and problem-solving requirements; the selected applicant should proactively coordinate as well with the OS and Server Side App fellow developers on a regular basis.

A proven record and portfolio of previous and successful Android apps must be available for evaluation.

The applicant must be acquainted with the core aspects of native Android development within Android Studio: workspace configuration, project / target configuration, build configuration, and debugging.

He/She should have all-embracing experience executing UX / UI with native Android views, Constraint Layout, and custom views.

Further requirements might be requested during the interview if selected.

Duties & Responsibilities
•View and identify key application features
•Collaborate with other IT experts (Android, iOS and Server Side) to set new apps requirements
•Constantly integrate on current mobile applications
•Devise user stories, technical, and functional requisites
•Operate directly with UX / UI teams to design unparalleled experiences
•Make sure of the applications’ performance, quality, and responsiveness
•Team up with your colleagues to identify, design, and dispatch new features
•Help sustain code quality and organization
•Direct customers towards useful solutions that scale up technical needs and business requirements
•Attend development meetings
Performance & Quality Management
•Ensure i-magineworks’ ambitious anticipations for quality across all allotted projects and deliverables under their management.

•Be a value added asset to the expansion of project management, quality assurance and proficient assessment methodologies.

Education Requirements
An Android App Developer ought to hold a Bachelor’s Degree or a higher level degree i.


Master’s in Computer Science, Telecom, Software Engineering/Computer Engineering or any of the digital consulting firm’s specific and relevant discipline.

Must have 3-5 years of expertise and know-how in the specified field or its equivalent/pertinent

Why Join i-magineworks
•You will attain a vibrant career and be involved in advancing a flourishing business.

•We regard elasticity and flexibility in the place of work and comprehend the significance of family or additional individual obligations.

•We decline to smolder and demotivate people and are fanatical about delivering equilibrium over the year.

•Everyone at i-magineworks has a vigorous dose of humbleness and positive attitude.

•Loads of digital consultants and client-service personnel you will operate with are prominent in the business, including former CFOs, CEOs and professionals who you can acquire from.

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