Night Auditor | Beirut

On demand
Posted on June 22, 2019 - 4 months ago - Beirut
On demand
Full-Time Employee

Night Auditor | Beirut

Main duties:
Responsible to the Front Office Manager for the Front Office Operation During
the Night Hours, and for the General Supervision of the Hotel Entire operation.

Through his supervision, he should maintain and control the Night staff
performance with a special attention to the Front Office Operation.

Duties & Responsibilities:
1 Ensure that the Front Office Staff are on duty, as well as the rest of
the Department is running the smooth operation.

2 Review the Rooms Availability and to be familiar with the Expected
VIP Arrivals or any other Likely Irregular situation to occur.

3 Ensure that the Lighting levels through the Hotel are appropriate in
view of Power conservation and Management Policy.

4 Ensure the Security Staff are on duty as scheduled.

5 Ensure that all access to the Hotel Are secured as required in the
Hotel Policy.

6 Make Regular Random Patrols through the Hotel including Guest
Corridors and back of the House, and Hotel Outlets to insure the Good
Security and orderliness.

7 Completely Involved in any problem occur During the Night Hours, or
any Guest Complaint, and to report the Problems and action done to the Front
Office Manager to be discussed next Morning.

8 Make spot Check on Night Cleaning Staff to ensure their Productivity,
and to check the Standard Required.

9 Make Frequent Visits to the Restaurants and Bars to ensure service
levels and those problems are dealt with promptly.

10 Ensure that all Hotel Stores are locked.

11 Ensure the Night Staff services are Done efficiently, and up to the
Standard of the Hotel Policy.

12 Keep Close to the Front Desk for giving any needed advice and
supervision during the Night Hours.

13 supervise and Follow up the Night Run and make sure of the
accurate bucket Check of all the In House Rooms.

14 Ensure that the Wake up Calls are done efficiently, and as per the
Required Standard.

15 Be aware of the early arrivals and departures, especially for
Groups, and to supervise the Front Desk and Bell Staff preparation, Luggage
Down, Air Port Pick Up, Breakfast Box, and Wake up Calls….


16 With the Engineering on Duty, check Hotel Refrigerators, Boiler
room and Power station.

17 Inspect staff cafeteria cleanliness and that Night Meal is served
During the allowed Time in a smooth atmosphere.

To Record any Activities Which may be of interest to the Management in the
Night Manager Report , to be Handled to the Front Office Manager next

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