Market Risk Officer | Beirut

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Posted on June 14, 2019 - 2 months ago - Beirut
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Market Risk Officer | Beirut

o Ability to measure all important market risks of the assets, liabilities and off- balance sheet items as well as covering all risks from trading and non- trading items;
o Ability to assess derivatives products and highly volatile investments;
o Ability to assess all type of interest rate risks, exchange rate risk, Equity and pricing risk;
o Ability to measure market risks mainly: Repricing Gap Report, Net Income Simulation, Economic Valuation Model, Regulatory Capital and Stress Test using VAR, Duration etc…;
o Provides accurate, reliable and timely information of the positions in the balance sheet or off-balance sheet and information on cash flow or various return rates from financial tools or related agreements;
• Provides assumptions and factors used in assessing negative effects that the management of the bank must fully understand the said assumptions, in particular the technique of simulation;
• Maintaining a foreign exchange position for the local currency close to Zero on a daily basis.

This position should never exceed 1% of equity funds in full compliance with regulatory requirements.

• Follows upcurrency positions for each of all other currencies at an absolute minimum and coordinates with Treasury department related to speculation transactions if allowed.

• Monitors the Profit&Loss transactions resulting in the creation of a position in any currency.

• Follows up the daily currency position to ensure compliance.

• Ensures that any position to be created in a foreign currency is to be approved by the ALCO committee.

This should not exceed the regulatory ceiling and the time frame for the position should be well identified.

• Follows up the structural position in the Lebanese currency only to protect part of its capital,as per regulatory requirements.

• Controls the Dealer who is assigned specific limits for FX daily trading beyond which it is referred to the Management or Alco.

• Controls authorizedcurrenciesandlimitsonFXspotandForwardtransactionswithcounterparts that are recommended by Treasury, and approved by ALCO.

• Establishes strategies and risk tolerance levels;
• Monitors performance and overall Market Risk of the bank to ensure that it is manageable and have a sufficient supporting capital;
• Ensures that the bank develops basic guidelines in specifying, measuring, monitoring and reporting market risks;
• Conducts the Market Risk and mid office function in accordance to BDL and CMA guidelines;
• Market risk reporting as per Basel II, Basel III and proficiency in MS Excel and special program related to market risks.

• Daily management of liquidity in coordination with the Treasurer.

• Bi-weekly monitoring of liquidity by Treasury and ALCO.

• Monitors and controls over the matching of the maturity structures of assets and liabilities.

• Ensures if regulatory all liquidity ratios are maintained at appropriate levels (loans/deposits, required legal reserves, liquidity, LCR, NSFR etc…)
• Studies the trend of different deposits at the bank.

• Measures the Key Liquidity Indicators: To study the different liquidity indicators based on the bank balance sheet growth.

• Responsible for internal reporting requirements mainly:
o Interest rate Gap Analysis
o Market risk under Capital adequacy ratio, and fluctuations in interest rates, stock prices, currency exchange rates, and commodity prices
• Following up all corporate trading transactions
• Remain alert to market changes and assess impact as applicable
• Conducting stress testing of Market, liquidity and interest rate risks.

• Conducting statistical analyses
• Supporting coordination and implementation of the bank’s market, liquidity and country risk management policies and processes
• Coordinating in the update of the Market Risk Policy & Procedures of the bank
• Monitoring compliance levels against established standards or benchmarks across the bank.

Career Requirements
• A thorough knowledge of Treasury products, and possess an extensive banking industry knowledge
• Exposure to Treasury Front Office/Back Office and General Ledger reporting systems.

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