Senior BMS and Low Current Engineer | Beirut

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Posted on February 19, 2021 - 12 days ago - Beirut
On demand

Senior BMS and Low Current Engineer | Beirut

Overall responsible for supervision of all allocated projects in line with the Company / manufacturer's standards.

Responsible for work force planning, allocation, control the installation hours and complete the installation as planned.

Responsible for quality installation by organizing the periodic inspections with client / consultants and final third party inspection without any snags.

Responsible for on- the- job training to the technicians and provide technical support for testing & commissioning.

Responsible for Successful project Management of the companies projects
Subject matter expert on SCADA, BMS, BAS and ELV Security and Safety Systems

Develop and integrate SCADA, PLC, HMI solutions, ELV Security and Safety Systems:
•Design, Installation, Testing & Commissioning and Handing over of SCADA PLC system

• Design, Installation, Testing & Commissioning and Handing over of integrated ELV Security and Safety Systems

Project Management:
•Collecting customer and stakeholder requirements
•Ensuring the smooth completion of projects, by organizing, managing and scheduling
•Estimating Budget and Schedule for a successful project completion
•Closing the projects within the cost and schedule constraints

Systems maintenance:
• Perform the system maintenance as per the agreed KPI

HSE Standards:
• Adhere to & ensure compliance with company HSE Policy
• Prevent un- safe activity by Team members.

New Challenge/Responsibility:
•Job requires a willingness to take on responsibilities and challenges.

• Read & able to learn / interpret drawings, conduct site survey to determine the layout of system components, frameworks / foundations.

•Autonomous design, document, implement and maintain PLC/SCADA and ELV Safety and Security systems
•Consult clients in designing PLC/SCADA and ELV architectures
• Provide technical support to the sales team during presales stage
•Support the development of the PLC/SCADA practices
• Undertake continuous training and development
• Identify business improvement opportunities within the organization
• Design panel layouts and wiring diagrams.

• Develop and document SCADA and PLC programs.

• Supervise the construction of instrumentation and control systems.

• Perform and document process instrumentation verification and calibration.

• Update drawings to reflect as- built conditions.

• Acquire material quotes and place orders from vendors as directed
• Represent the Company at project design and construction meetings

• Proficient in keeping records of Reports.

• To ensure the quality of system performance.

• Ensure the commissioned system comply with specification and client requirements.

• Report to Project Manager regarding the Quality issues arising at site.

Customer Focus:
• Ability to handle customer and satisfy customer needs.

• Implement procedures from project take- over stage to handing over to customer in a systematic way.

• Developing sub contractor's teams and company staffs, motivate them to work according to company quality standards.

• Ability to quick learn & deliver training courses to subordinate about product and solutions

• Bachelor of Degree in Electrical/ Electronics/ Instrumentation/ Mechanical Engineering
• Post- degree PLC/SCADA certification / Experience will be an added advantage
• Post- degree ELV Certification / Experience will be an added advantage
• Post- degree Project Management Certification will be an added advantage

Minimum Experience:
• 5 years' experience with programming and configuring SCADA software packages, PLC platforms, Microsoft Operating Systems, OPC, SQL, and OLE clients and servers.

• Proven Knowledge of Microsoft Operating systems and Basic Networking

• Proven Knowledge of popular building automation Protocols: BACNet/IP, BACNet/MSTP, MODBUS TCP/IP, MODBUS RTU, LONWorks, OPC UA/DA/AE, SNMP among others

• Proven knowledge and training on some of the common PLC/SCADA systems

• Successful project management experience

Job- Specific Skills:
• Familiar with the specifications, requirements, systems and components of the Utility industry.

• Experienced in structured programming, communication techniques and protocols.

• Proven knowledge and training on some of the common PLC/SCADA systems.

• Good understanding of District cooling system, ETS, chilled water system sequence etc.

• Extensive knowledge of Building Management and Lighting Control System.

• Extensive knowledge of electricity, electronics, and IT Equipment.

• Knowledge of ELV Security and Safety Systems

• High IT proficiency

• Knowledge of basic electrical construction tools, materials, and techniques.

• Desire to learn new skills, move up, and accept increasing responsibilities.

• Solid skills in creating and reading logic and flow diagrams and performing simulation, testing & start- up.

• Analytic a

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