Business application and IT administrator | Beirut

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Posted on February 22, 2021 - 13 days ago - Beirut
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Business application and IT administrator | Beirut

Job Responsibilities:

•Monitoring and maintaining networks and servers.

•Upgrading, installing, and configuring new hardware and software to meet company objectives.

•Implementing security protocols and procedures to prevent potential threats.

•Creating user accounts and performing access control.

•Performing diagnostic tests and debugging procedures to optimize computer systems.

•Documenting processes, as well as backing up and archiving data.

•Developing data retrieval and recovery procedures.

•Designing and implementing efficient end-user feedback and error reporting systems.

•Providing IT support.

•Keeping up to date with advancements and best practices in IT administration.

Business application related responsibilities:

•Monitor the software application, and document and analyze problems.

•Collaborate with the software provider to ensure proper implementation and usability of the application.

•Maintain software documentation.

•Plan, coordinate, test, and communicate software change requests, bugs , and new services with the software provider, ensuring business operations will operate correctly in current and future environments.

•Manage users accounts.

•Provide advice and training to end‐users.

•Maintain current knowledge of relevant technologies and business processes.


•Understand the workflow and process requirements of business units related to the application.

•Be a good listener and work well with a diverse group of users.

•Demonstrated ability to be the subject matter expert in supporting, maintaining, and administering complex applications.

•Excellent problem solving/analytical skills, knowledge of analytical tools, and complex troubleshooting methods.

•Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

•Hands‐on experience in process automation, best practice approach, technology efficiency, and effectiveness.

•Self‐motivated, able to work independently, and takes initiative.

•Ability to multitask in a fast‐paced environment.

•Ability to learn new content areas and new skills quickly.

•Professional attitude and work habits.

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