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Posted on July 21, 2021 - 8 days ago - Beirut
On demand
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Operation Manager | Beirut

We are hiring Operation manager:
• Manages the overall operations of the company, controls the portfolio of outlets, and applies policies and procedures by leading the operations team.

• Directs and manages area managers through assigning tasks, delegating responsibilities, monitoring performance, and following activities executions.

• Assists in the hiring procedures of managerial candidates in order to prevent shortages and increases the number of qualified people who are joining the team.

• Participates in the decision processes related to promotion, transfer, replacement, disciplinary action and termination.

• Develops policies and procedures related to operational processes in accordance to best practices applied in quick service restaurant’s industry, and ensures that all outlets are complying with those policies through continuously controlling the execution of tasks.

• Designs training programs customized to participants needs that solve operational challenges preventing the team from reaching higher performance.

• Keeps following people development plans especially area and outlet managers by tracking performance and enhancing capabilities.

• Assists in the development of operational objectives and projected budgeting plan in collaboration with head of departments, identifies activities and actions that support the achievement of objectives, and follows the execution of the plan.

• Searches for up-to-date techniques and practices implemented in quick service restaurant industry especially in business operations, and stays aware of ideas that have been introduced recently to the restaurant business.

• Finds great location to open new outlets, develops studies identifying the feasibility of projects, and prepares the opening and pre-opening of outlets.

• Finds the latest technologies used in restaurants that enhance business operations and lead to customer satisfaction.

• Strives to improve business concepts and develops new business models that are tailored to different locations.

• Participates in product development plans, introduces new food items by conducing pilot test, trains managers on new products, works as a team with concerned parties to update the menu and introduce new food items to company’s product family.

• Informs participants about food safety training programs, follows the implementation of sessions, and determines the commitment and satisfaction of participants toward activities and sessions.

• Audits food safety policies and procedures applied in outlets, and controls health and safety indicators through keeping aware on measurement results.

• Ensures that the quality of service and taste of food items are consistent by checking continuously the working process applied in outlets.

• Maintains company’s assets under his/her responsibility especially assets available in outlets by following maintenance issues and audits quantities.

• Spots the impact of marketing efforts on sales performance in outlets and measures the return on marketing investment especially local marketing initiatives
• Informs franchisees when new food items have been introduced.

• Negotiates issues facing the collaboration between company and franchisees, and strives to find solutions.

• Prepares reports showing the production capacity of each outlet, and accordingly takes actions that optimize production and reduce cost.

• Verifies and controls how the performance appraisal system is applied in outlets, and determines if employees and workers are appraised fairly.

• Coordinates with outlet owners to optimize collaboration and flow of information about business strategies and yearly action plans enhancing company’s positioning.

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