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On demand
Posted on October 12, 2021 - 7 days ago - Beirut
On demand

cashier | Beirut

To welcome the customer.

o Maintain the cash register functional and operational.

 Opens and closes the cash register by applying the common daily procedure.

 Checks and dispatches the petty cash (Fond de Caisse).

o Apply greeting and welcoming standards.

 Knows how to inform the customer about.

- Exchange rates.

 Knows how to inform the customer about procedures.

- Exchange
- Return
- Refund
- Put aside
- Grouped purchases
 Orients the customer towards the salespersons or towards the Section Manager if is unable to help him.

 Answers all customers without distinction.


Cash Collection.

o To effectuate the collection.

 Proceeds the scanning of the items.

 Ask for the modality of payment.

 In case of payment problems, proposes another mode of payment.

 In case of a technical problem, calms the customer and explains to him the reasons for the delay.

 Shows discretion and politeness in case the credit payment is refused.

 Asks for the intervention of the Head Cashier in case of a technical problem or customer problem.

 Controls the expiry of the payments’ mode in use (Credit Cards, Checks, id cards, bills, vouchers, etc.


 Asks for the intervention of the salespersons for any demand related to the sale (availability, packaging, etc.


 Knows the exchange rates.

 Thanks him for the visit.

 Proposes in the limit of possible, complementary services (consignment, Vouchers, etc.


 Knows the cash collection, the exchange, the return and the refund procedures.

 Reviews periodically his procedures and his knowledge for better customer service.


 High school graduate (university degree is a plus).

 Proficiency with numbers and calculation.

 Basic computer and soft ware literacy.

 Excellent communication skills and Customer Oriented.

 Fluency in English.

Arabic is a plus.

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