Logistics & Distribution Supervisor | Beirut

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Posted on June 6, 2021 - 7 days ago - Beirut
On demand

Logistics & Distribution Supervisor | Beirut

Role Summary:
The Supervisor ensures the smooth running of LPG cylinder distribution by following up and closely coordinating with various departments and clients.

He also manages the daily administrative and operational tasks of the department.

Main Duties
• Plan delivery timetables by allocating tasks/delivery requests to drivers
• Oversee the ordering process and ensure correct execution
• Receive drivers’ handwritten reports on a daily basis, ensure they match sold quantities, and update the control sheet on daily basis
• Attend trucks loading and ensure that loaded quantities match quantities on the tablet, filling station documents and physically filled quantities
• Follow-up on the cylinders exchange mechanism
• Monitor the stock and ensure that the in/out activity is properly executed (once implemented)
• Ensure that the end of day reports are properly signed by the drivers and match tablet and physical count quantities
• Conduct regular trucks check-ups to ensure their maintenance in good condition
• Ensure accurate documentation for consignments cylinders and match the hard copies with soft copies
• Resolve drivers’ problems faced during the daily distribution process and raise unsolved issues to the CEO
• Accompany drivers to the market when needed to evaluate specific route, client issue, driver behavior
• Calculate and process drivers’ cash if needed
• Submit documents related to Accounting department on the same day or next day of distribution
• Update administration/HR files (attendance/leave)
• Ensure the daily update of the next day attendance table
• Propose routing optimisation solutions
• Settle or escalate the abnormal commercial case immediately i.

e clients issue related to price, or in case he closed, etc…
• Conduct market visits to secure new clients and grow the portfolio

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