Terms and Conditions

Vivadoo Terms of Use


Here are some things to remember when posting an ad:

  • The text of the advertisement must describe the product / good / service of the advertisement. Ads containing a general text such as "many products for sale in our store" are not accepted. The text of the same advertisement must not propose several goods.
  • The ad must be placed in a category corresponding to the purpose of the ad.
  • The announcement of a property for sale must be filed in the municipality where the property is located.
  • You must delete an old ad before inserting a new one for the same property. You can not have the same ad multiple times on the site (in multiple departments or multiple categories) at the same time.

We inform you that we allow an identical ad:

  • By region when the advertiser has a large stock and a national delivery network as part of a good offer.
  • By department, as part of a service offer.
  • By city, up to 5 ads per department, as part of a job offer
  • Any advertising advertisement is prohibited. The promotion of a service is only allowed in the category Services.
  • Exchanges are allowed on the site. However, it is not possible to list more than 5 model references that could serve as a basis for an exchange.
  • You must indicate the total price in the "Price" field.


It is forbidden to deposit an advertisement:

  • Containing terms or descriptions unrelated to the proposed content.
  • Presenting an abusive use of keywords.
  • Directing directly or indirectly to a site other than ours.
  • Political, sectarian, discriminatory, sexist, in connection with organizations or persons responsible for crimes against humanity etc.

Unauthorized products and services

As a Vivadoo user, you must ensure that the property you are seeking to sell or buy is an authorized product on the site and the sale of which is legal.

We invite you to read the prohibited products / goods / services on our site:

  • Tobacco, drugs and related objects, dangerous and illicit substances
  • Cosmetics, medicine and parapharmacy
  • White weapons of combat or self-defense, firearms, explosives, hunting traps
  • Adult content
  • Certain plant and animal species protected, threatened or taken from their natural environment
  • Recorded objects
  • Call for private or humanitarian financial donations
  • Offers that can lead to tendentious practices
  • Notice of Person Search
  • The majority of consumer products of industrial manufacture
  • Slimming products, dietary supplements or presented as miraculous
  • Product bearing protected emblems

The misappropriation of the emblems (the sign of the red cross, the red crescent, the red crystal, the blue helmets, the white flag etc.) and their denomination and / or their illegal or abusive use are serious acts sanctioned by the law. international humanitarian

Unauthorized photographs

The inserted photographs must represent the property for sale and can not be used to illustrate more than one advertisement.

It is forbidden to insert photos containing:

  • Recognizable minor children
  • Logos (except Employment and Services ads categories)
  • Link to a website
  • Representations unrelated to the proposed offer