Frequently Asked Questions

Classified Ads FAQ

If you are navigating through items and products, you can use Vivadoo without an account. But when you want to post or buy something you need to create an account.
You can sign in by many methods such as: log in to your Facebook account, sign in to your google account or apple id for apple users. Also you can create a Vivadoo account by using your email.
Yes, posting on Vivadoo is for free. Yet, we have some listing features that require charges like: boosting and premium services.
There are some easy steps:
  • Click on “post my ad” present at the bottom of the home page.
  • Create an account in your favorite way.
  • Select clear pictures of your item.
  • Precise the location and the category of your item.
  • Provide your contact number, price, address and description of your item.
  • Attach to social media and finally post your ad.
Yes, for sure you can edit your ad without deleting it.
To get more responses on your ad, you need to:
  • Post high resolution pictures of your item.
  • Write clear descriptions of your item.
  • Precise your location address and contact details correctly.
  • Private ads are made for users who want to sell one item according to their needs..
  • Professional ads are made for users who want to post a lot of items per day. They will get a professional Vivadoo account with a logo.
Yes, you can switch languages. Vivadoo can be used in three different languages : English, French and Arabic.
When facing any issue that is not answered in these questions you can contact us on [email protected]
The payment method is via “wish money” based on sayrafa rate.
Unfortunately, Exchange, Refund and Cancellation services are not available on Vivadoo because the money is paid in advance.
Actually, they are both the same concept, function and role but the application is for cell phone users and the website is for other devices such as laptops.