Salesperson- Petit Bateau Citymall | Beirut

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Posted on June 9, 2021 - 4 days ago - Beirut
On demand
Sales, Retail & Customer Service

Salesperson- Petit Bateau Citymall | Beirut

The Salesperson should:

 Reflect a professional image, by following the company’s grooming standards, at all times while on the shop floor.

 Ensure that the section floor and shelves are kept clean and tidy at all times.

 Replenish & re-merchandise stocks on the shop floor on an on-going basis in order to ensure maximum range of products availability at all times.

 Tag, arrange & display merchandise under the direction of the Visual Merchandising team in order to promote sales.

 Be knowledgeable of all the specifications of products/brands available in his section and their positioning versus the competition.

 Greet, assist and serve the customers efficiently and courteously during their shopping experience in the shop.

 Help customers locate and select products by providing them with proper advice if required in order to support purchase decision(s).

 Apply the 5 steps of the company’s selling technique throughout his daily sales (1st contact, Discover needs, product supply, customers response & closing the sale).

 Inform customers of Events Dates, Store Services, Exchange & return procedures, Refund, Reservations of Items, Delivery …

 Take alterations for all fashion products.

 Maintain knowledge of current sales & promotions, policies regarding payment and exchange and security practices in order to ensure store policies are adhered to all at all times.

 Minimize inventory difference (Démarque) in his section by:
 Verifying the conformity of the tagging
 Verifying the permanent existence of antitheft devices
 Counting regularly
 Staying alert of suspicious person while on the shop floor
 Reacting properly in case of theft
 Participating regularly in store’s inventory

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